The UK manufacturing industry has experienced a real renaissance in recent years, with more and more clients choosing to support Brand Britain. This is in stark contrast with the latter part of the 20th Century, where cheap imports from emerging markets led to a sharp decline.

Recent global events and a shift in the nation’s psyche have contributed to this upswing in popularity and businesses up and down the country are experiencing the benefits that buying turned parts from the UK can bring. Whether it is helping shore up finances or enjoying shorter lead times, there are many reasons to switch from using precision engineering companies outside of the UK and support the local economy instead.

British Quality

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Turned parts from the UK and other products manufactured in Britain are well known for their high levels of quality. Businesses the length and breadth of the country hold themselves to an extremely high standard and are proud to supply items their customers can rely upon – something that is especially important when it comes to precision machining. 

When purchasing precision engineered components, especially for high-strain industries such as transport and aerospace, it is essential that the items are robust and long-lasting. The consequences of a part failure can be potentially catastrophic, so you need to make sure you are working with a company you can trust. 

Unlike manufacturers from abroad, UK precision engineering companies cannot easily distance themselves from their clients. This means you would be free to visit their facility to see their quality control procedures first hand and make an informed decision on whether you want to work with them. 

Low Carbon Footprint 

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Concerns over the environment and the impact our actions are having are driving more and more businesses to rethink their supply chains. Purchasing turned parts from the UK is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, since it drastically cuts down the distance that the product will need to travel to reach its destination. 

Consumers themselves are also becoming more conscious about their shopping habits and are placing greater emphasis on being environmentally friendly. Choosing to purchase your turned parts from the UK will be something your customers will appreciate.

Increased Versatility 

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Purchasing precision engineered products can sometimes be an extremely fluid situation. No two projects are ever the same, so it is essential to work with a provider that is able to cope with variants in your requirements.

Manufacturers that are based abroad will usually struggle to manage this. Common problems include refusing to produce small quantities of items, or the cost of shipping being so high that you feel compelled to buy more than you actually need. Both scenarios will leave you with an oversupply of products and have a negative effect on your wallet.

Buying turned parts from the UK, on the other hand, is a much more straightforward process. Given that there is no expensive shipping to worry about, British manufacturers are able to cope with orders of all shapes and sizes. 

This means that whatever your circumstances, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to place orders according to your own budget and not have your purchasing decisions governed by external factors. Not only will that be more beneficial for your wallet, but it also ensures you are only buying exactly what you need. 

You are in Control 

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Buying precision engineered products from abroad means that you are all too often at the mercy of external factors that you have no power over. Whether it’s your supplier setting arbitrary minimum order amounts or having to battle with unexpected shipping delays, being in a situation where you have no control over proceedings can really have an adverse effect on your projects and business as a whole.

If your turned parts come from the UK however, it is a completely different story. Not only will you be able to set the exact quantity of components, but you can also stipulate exactly when you want the project completed – leaving it up to your supplier to get everything done in time. This means that everything will be done on your terms alone.

UK precision engineering companies are also extremely flexible, meaning they will easily be able to cope if your requirements suddenly change. As a result, you can be totally confident that all work will be carried out according to your needs and your needs alone. 

Better Communication

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When purchasing turned parts, being able to communicate exactly what you want and when you need it is extremely important. This can be especially difficult if you are dealing with a supplier where there is a language barrier.

Having to limit yourself to less personal forms of communication, such as email, can also make building a rapport with your manufacturer extremely difficult. This is in stark contrast to working with a turned parts company in the UK, where you can easily build a strong relationship from day one that will continue until the end of the project and beyond.

It is for this reason why many businesses return to the same UK suppliers time and again. The close bond they are able to build with their manufacturers gives them the peace of mind they need that they are receiving turned parts from a company they can trust and rely upon. 

Improved Cash Flow Management 

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Knowing exactly how much money is going out of your company and how much is coming in is vital to business success. This can sometimes be difficult if you are working with an overseas manufacturer. 

This is because you will sometimes have to deal with unexpected charges due to volatile exchange rates, while also being forced to pay various import taxes. Customs Duty and VAT can be particularly difficult to cope with if you’ve been forced to purchase more than you were initially planning to in the first place.

Buying turned parts from the UK is completely different. You will be in complete control of your spending, so you can work to your own budget and not have to worry about hidden charges.

Choose the Right Supplier

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Now that you understand the benefits that purchasing your turned parts from the UK can bring, the next thing to decide is who you want to work with. Your ideal manufacturer will be somebody you can rely upon and build a lasting relationship with.

EGL Vaughan is committed to providing a first class service from the initial quotation right the way through to delivery. This means you can be totally confident in the quality of our work.

We are accredited with a number of well-respected industry organisations, so you know you are working with a credible supplier – giving you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.