No matter the requirements, EGL Vaughan is ready to support the UK security industry.

The UK’s security industry provides precision engineering companies with a variety of different opportunities and challenges. From street furniture to security posts, required products can come in all shapes and sizes.

Keeping the UK’s streets safe is obviously of paramount importance. For this to be possible, every single component has to be fit for purpose and reliable. Even the smallest defect could have huge consequences. 

This is where EGL Vaughan can help. No matter your requirements, we have the expertise to produce quality precision engineered components that meet even the most demanding specifications.

Our expert team of engineers are poised to help whatever the size or scale of the project. We can even help if you no longer have access to technical drawings thanks to our reverse engineering service.

On top of providing British quality precision engineering products, we are committed to building close and lasting relationships with our clients. We also ensure to remain in constant contact throughout our projects. 

We also understand that time is of the essence when it comes to ordering precision engineering services. This is why we will provide a quote quickly and ensure items are delivered quickly and safely.

Our Promise

Always Reliable

We are proud of our ability to deal with enquiries of all shapes and sizes. Whatever you need, we can provide reliable expertise and support.

Fast Delivery

Since we are a UK company, we can provide fast turnarounds and help you avoid time-consuming shipping delays.

Clarity & Quality

We are committed to building close working relationships with our clients that benefit both parties.

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