EGL Vaughan is proud to provide quality precision engineered products to the transmissions industry.

As the population grows, more and more people are going to be on the road – whether this is in their own cars or on public transport.
With such a reliance on vehicles, this creates a huge need for quality transmissions parts.

This necessity is not just confined to conventional modes of transport either. Racing sports such as Formula 1 have become increasingly popular and advancements in technology demand high quality parts.

Whatever type of vehicle we are referencing, the number one priority is always safety. Major accidents can occur just because one small part has failed or is not working in the way it was intended or designed.

This is why it is essential to use high-quality components you can trust. It is also why people rely on EGL Vaughan to provide them with high quality precision engineered components used in transmissions.

No matter what you need, our expert team will be able to manufacture your components and meet exact specifications. We can even help if you don’t have any technical drawings, as we are adept in reverse engineering.

At EGL Vaughan, we have over 40 years’ experience in providing the best quality precision engineered products and pride ourselves on our ability to build strong working relationships with our clients.

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