Find out how EGL Vaughan’s precision engineering supports the marine industry. 

The Marine industry is arguably the most challenging sector for engineers. Components are at the mercy of the elements and harsh, wet and salty conditions, meaning they have to be robust and reliable.

There are also so many facets of the marine industry, from oil and gas rigs to submarines – with each facing their own unique challenges. Rigs are battered by the weather, while submarines are exposed to extreme pressure.

Given the harsh environment, it can be potentially catastrophic if something goes wrong. If even just a small component malfunctions or fails, it could have a huge knock on effect.

It is therefore essential that you are using high quality precision engineered parts in every marine project that is being carried out. This is where EGL Vaughan can be relied upon to help. 

We have amassed 40 years’ experience in manufacturing the highest quality parts for the marine industry. No matter the size of the project and quantity of components, we will be able to assist.

Our team will be in constant contact through the process, ensuring you know exactly what is happening. We believe in creating a strong relationship with clients, which is why we will always deliver on our promises.

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