Rail Support Services

EGL Vaughan has extensive experience in providing railway support services to our clients. Find out how we can support your precision engineering needs.

The UK’s railway network is one of the oldest and most prestigious transport systems in the world. Carrying thousands of people every day, it is an essential part of the country’s infrastructure.

The railway system is subjected to numerous different stresses. From the friction generated by the trains on the track to the network being at the mercy of the elements, this presents a big challenge for engineers.

Safety is absolutely paramount, so it is essential that every single component, no matter how big or small, is working exactly as it should. They have to be resilient and reliable 100% of the time.

This is where EGL Vaughan can help. We have amassed over 40 years’ experience in providing railway support services and components, from lubricating parts to carriage sub-frames.

Our expert team of engineers are able to create high-quality precision engineered components that fit exact specifications. We are also able to reverse engineer our products if you do not have technical drawings to hand.

We believe in creating long-lasting and close working relationships with our clients. We also remain in constant contact throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products conform to exact specifications.

Our Promise

Delivering Quality

We’ll gain a thorough understanding of your needs and provide a build quality that meets your exact specifications.

Low Fees

The fact we’re a UK-based company means there’s no need to pay expensive shipping costs.

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No matter the size and scale of the project, you can rely on us to support you every step of the way.

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Specialist Railway Support Services

EGL Vaughan specialises in manufacturing high quality parts and components for a wide range of railway support services. We have been producing products for the sector for over 40 years, during which time we have developed our processes and technologies to ensure we are always up to date with the latest technologies and ways of working.

We use bespoke CNC milling and CNC turning techniques to produce the parts you need on a timescale to suit you, while every single product we manufacture is rigorously tested to ensure we deliver the exact specification with every order.

Effortless Adaptability

At EGL Vaughan, we have an extremely long history of providing expert railway support services. We are adept at offering a range of precision engineering solutions, such as CNC turning, CNC milling and reverse engineering. We are also equipped to work with a wide variety of materials, from steel and plastic to copper and brass – meaning we are perfectly placed to assist no matter what your requirements may be.

Over the years, we have perfected our processes and quality control procedures to ensure we are always up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. As a result, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality service possible. Everything we produce is put through our rigorous inspection procedure before it is shipped, meaning all of your products will meet your exact specifications and requirements – first time, every time.

Whether you are looking for a bulk order of parts, a specific precision machined component or a legacy product that needs to be reverse engineered, our extensive capabilities mean we can deliver precisely what you require in as fast a turnaround as possible. We will also work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your individual circumstances so we can use our expertise to recommend what we believe is the best solution for you. Even if your needs change during the course of the project, we are able to effortlessly alter our working practices to accommodate your new requirements.

Why Work with EGL Vaughan

Components created for the railway industry have to endure a range of unique pressures and strains, while also coping with rapidly changing weather conditions – especially in the UK. It is therefore essential that you work with a precision engineering supplier that has a proven track record of providing the highest quality products, while also having an in-depth understanding of the sector as a whole. This is where EGL Vaughan can help.

We’ve amassed decades of experience in providing high-quality railway support services to companies of all sizes, from household names to small providers. We have lived and breathed the rail industry for over 40 years, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise you can rely upon. Our unwavering commitment to quality also ensures that you can be totally confident that everything we produce is built to stand the test of time. It is this level of security we provide our clients that causes them to return to us time and again.

At EGL Vaughan, we are incredibly proud of the work we produce. To accomplish this, we understand that it’s vital all our engineers uphold our values and have their own sense of pride in their achievements. This is why we invest in the development of our employees and ensure they are always kept up to date with the latest industry developments and best practices. Our commitment to quality has also seen us honoured with a range of accreditations from some of the most prominent organisations in the country. Because of this, you can be completely confident that you are dealing with a provider you can rely upon at all times.

If you are looking for railway support services, contact a member of the EGL Vaughan team today. We will conduct a thorough consultation to ensure we totally understand your requirements and provide you with a rapid quote.

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