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The UK’s railway network is one of the oldest and most prestigious transport systems in the world. Carrying thousands of people every day, it is an essential part of the country’s infrastructure. 

The railway system is subjected to numerous different stresses. From the friction generated by the trains on the track to the network being at the mercy of the elements, this presents a big challenge for engineers. 

Safety is absolutely paramount, so it is essential that every single component, no matter how big or small, is working exactly as it should. They have to be resilient and reliable 100% of the time.

This is where EGL Vaughan can help. We have amassed over 40 years’ experience in creating high quality precision engineering components for the rail industry, from lubricating parts to carriage sub-frames.

Our expert team of engineers are able to create high-quality precision engineered components that fit exact specifications. We are also able to reverse engineer our products if you do not have technical drawings to hand.

We believe in creating long-lasting and close working relationships with our clients. We also remain in constant contact throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products conform to exact specifications.

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