When you’re looking for precision engineering services, you want to be absolutely confident that the components you’re receiving are of the highest possible quality. Not only that, but you need to be sure the provider you are working with can be relied upon at all times to deliver the level of service you need.

Quality precision engineering can be measured in a variety of different ways, but it really comes down to what you want to achieve from your project. With this in mind, here are a few possibilities.

Quality of Precision Engineering Work

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This is the most obvious starting point. When trying to measure the quality of precision engineering, you first of all want to look at the standard of machining work you receive from your supplier. You can break this down into a number of different factors, such as:

Appearance of Components

You should be able to tell at first glance whether the precision engineered parts you have received from your supplier. If you can see straight away that there are visible flaws in the parts you have received then you are clearly not receiving the level of quality you deserve. 

Another way you can judge the quality of precision engineering is whether or not the end product has followed your specifications to the letter. When you’re in the market for precision engineered components, you will obviously be wanting them for a specific purpose. If you receive parts that don’t conform exactly to what you need, then clearly you won’t be able to use them in the way you intended – meaning it cannot be viewed as high quality in any way. 

Durability of Products

Precision engineered components are subjected to a variety of different stresses. From being subjected to harsh environments to being put under constant pressure, it is essential that the items you receive are able to stand the test of time.

Not only that, but in essential industries such as electrical, transport and energy, the failure of even the smallest of components can have an extremely serious knock-on effect – so you need to be completely confident that the parts you are receiving are of the highest possible quality.

When it comes to durability, you may not be able to measure the quality of your precision engineering until many months after you received them. If they fail within a relatively short period of time, then the items you were given clearly did not match the high standard you require – so you know not to work with that supplier in future. In contrast, if the components you received are still going strong, then it is a good indication that you are working with a company you can rely upon. 

Quality Control Procedures

One of the many attributes of a reliable precision engineering company is how robust their quality control procedures are. It should go without saying that if a manufacturer has solid guidelines in place, then the quality of the items they produce will surely be of the standard you require. 

A reliable precision engineering company will not only have strong policies in place, but will also continuously review them to see if any new efficiencies can be found. Not only that, but they will also instil their commitment to quality in their engineers, so each individual can take pride in the work they produce. Talent should also be recognised and celebrated to keep motivation and the quality of products high. 

Value for Money

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Moving away from the components themselves, another way of judging the quality of precision engineering is whether the parts offered value for money. This does not necessarily mean they are cheap, however, as more often than not you will have to pay a slight premium for high-quality items. 

Many companies will make the mistake of choosing to work with a precision engineering company purely based on price, and this will usually mean they are purchasing their items from abroad. Because of this, they run the risk of not only receiving a lower quality product than they would have one if they used British providers, but also will be susceptible to hidden charges and delays such as customs fees and shipping timeframes. 

It is therefore essential that you take a holistic view when judging whether the precision engineered components you receive provided value for money. If so, then you know you can rely on your manufacturer to continue to provide the same level of quality. 

Level of Service

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Another way you can judge the quality of precision engineering is the level of service you receive from your provider. The first thing you should look out for is how long it takes them to provide a quote. After all, if it takes them days or even weeks to get back to you with a simple quotation, then you’ll hardly be able to trust them to deliver your order within a tight timeframe.

The next indication of quality is how approachable and communicative your provider is. A reputable manufacturer will be in constant contact with you and will make themselves available to you whenever you need help or guidance. If you’re not able to build a strong relationship with your supplier, then you’re unlikely to want to work with them again.

Why You can Rely on EGL Vaughan

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EGL Vaughan has amassed over 40 years of experience in providing high quality precision engineering to clients from all areas of industry. From railways and electrical to energy and marine, we can effortlessly deal with orders of all shapes and sizes and cope with even the tightest of timeframes.

We never compromise on the quality of our precision engineering and have robust procedures in place to make sure that everything we produce is of the highest possible standard first time, every time. We also recognise the talent of our engineers and ensure they always share our passion for quality.

Our expert team is ready to assist whenever you need us and guarantee to provide you with a rapid quote. We’ll keep in constant contact throughout the process, so you can be confident that everything is being taken care of. 

If you’re looking for high quality precision engineering services, request a quote or contact our team today.