The UK has a long and prestigious history when it comes to manufacturing. Unfortunately, competition from emerging markets such as China led to a decline in the industry during the latter part of the 20th Century. 

Recent global events have caused the tides to shift again and manufacturing, especially precision engineering, has witnessed a huge resurgence. With workers rights around the world becoming a significant buying factor, more and more British businesses are turning to precision engineering companies in the UK.

From cost-effectiveness to faster turnaround times, there are several benefits to working with British manufacturers that are good for your wallet and the image of your business.

High Quality Products

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Britain has always had a strong reputation for producing items of the highest quality and the precision engineering industry is no exception. UK manufacturers are proud to hold themselves to a high standard and always deliver a product that their clients can rely upon. 

When it comes to clients of precision engineering companies, dealing with a UK-based supplier gives them a higher degree of confidence that they will receive a high quality product. This is because there are numerous accreditations and mechanisms for quality control in this country, not to mention the fact that UK precision engineering companies can’t easily distance themselves from their customers by being in a different country. 

You can even visit the manufacturer’s facility to see their production process in person, providing a first-hand insight into how your components will be produced and addressing any concerns you may have about the sustainability and quality of the items. For companies who need to keep a strict eye on their supply line, this is especially important and something that is extremely difficult if your manufacturer is based abroad.

Short Lead Times

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For many businesses, the priority when sourcing precision engineered parts is cost. However, if left unchecked, the pursuit of low costs can result in high lead times, which can quickly turn into far more costly delays.

Dealing with precision engineering companies in the UK means you can enjoy a much tighter turnaround, potentially dealing in days and weeks rather than waiting months if your items are coming from abroad. This enables you to avoid project delays and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Another knock-on effect of not having to ship your components from abroad is that you avoid dealing with import costs and exchange rates – so you can keep a greater handle on your outgoings. This gives you more scope to budget for your orders without having to worry about hidden charges or unexpected costs.

Easy to Build Rapport

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Another advantage of dealing with precision engineering companies in the UK is that it is much easier to build a strong working relationship with them. Because you can visit their facility so freely and there are no other barriers, such as language, you can be more confident that they can deliver what you want, when you need it and to the high quality required. Having to rely on other forms of communications, such as email, the entire time makes forming a rapport extremely difficult.

Building a strong relationship early on also makes the process of reordering parts with your supplier more straightforward. By getting to know them on a personal level and having faith in the quality of their products you are much more likely to keep working with them again and again.

Building strong lines of communication with your precision engineer is an essential element that should not be undervalued, as it is this rapport that you’ll rely on to ensure components are made to your exact specifications without delay.

Low Minimum Quantities

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If you are working with a manufacturer that is based overseas, you will probably find that you will need to order more than you necessarily want. This may be because the supplier will not ship smaller quantities, or that shipping is so expensive that you feel you need to order in bulk to make the purchase cost-effective.

Dealing with precision engineering companies in the UK means you can place orders of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs and budget. This ensures that you don’t waste your resources on more components than you need, keeping your purchase as cost-effective as possible.

Better for the Environment

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UK businesses can no longer afford to ignore their carbon footprint and the impact it is having on the environment. For that reason, many are turning to suppliers who can help them reduce their footprint and support the Government’s environmental targets.

Dealing with a precision engineering company in the UK can be an important step in reducing your firm’s carbon footprint, since your components have to travel less distance than if they were being shipped from abroad.

It’s not just businesses that are pushing to be more conscious with the environment, but their consumers are as well. Choosing to work with UK manufacturers means you are taking the more green option which is something your customers will appreciate.

Supporting Local Economies

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The final reason why you should work with precision engineering companies in the UK is that you are supporting Brand Britain – something that has become much more prominent in the run up to Brexit. Choosing a British based company means you are putting money into the local economy and potentially providing opportunities for new jobs and skills for future generations.

Make the Right Choice

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Now we’ve discussed why you should work with precision engineering companies in the UK, you will still need to decide which supplier to choose. You need somebody you can rely on and who will support you every step of the way.

EGL Vaughan is dedicated to providing a high-quality service that encompasses everything from your initial enquiry right the way through to delivery. We pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships.

We also know that time is of the essence when you need precision engineered components, which is why we guarantee that you will receive a rapid quote every time. Even if you are working to tight timescales, we are confident in our ability to satisfy your needs. 

At EGL Vaughan, we don’t compromise on quality. We have full control of our production process and are accredited with several different organisations. This gives you the peace of mind you need that you are dealing with a precision engineering company you can rely on.