National Grid

Using our precision engineering expertise and ingenuity to double production levels.

“EGL Vaughan has always been one of our trusted suppliers. Always delivered with great service, quality and price! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Our Task

National Grid approached us with examples of finger contacts that had been manufactured abroad, but were not up to the correct standard – and asked if we were able to take up the project instead.

The Pursuit of Efficiency

To start with, we were manufacturing about 48 of these components each week using a process of filing and finishing by hand. Using our expertise, we were able to highlight several efficiencies that could be made to increase production – without sacrificing on quality. 

Our expert engineers set about experimenting with several different tools and machines to turn what was a manual process of filing into something much more efficient. On top of this, we sourced brand new tools, including some all the way from the USA, to replace the existing files and bearings. We even hand-filed these new tools to ensure they could carry out the required tasks perfectly.

All of these improvements meant we were able to go from a manual process of filing that could take anything up to three full days to complete, down to a task that could be completed in just a matter of hours. Because of this, we were able to more than double our production levels, from the original 48 per week to 100. 

100% increase in production levels

Tools sourced from across the globe

Hand-finishing to ensure quality

Our Accreditations

  • ISO 9001:2015

Commitment to Quality

At EGL Vaughan, we are committed to ensuring that absolutely everything we produce is of the highest standard possible. This doesn’t just relate to the work we carry out either, as we also check that all the raw materials we work with are of the best quality as well. 

In addition, we will take full ownership of a project from start to finish. When it comes to the National Grid components, we took charge of sending the parts for silver plating and fully-managed the relationship with the third party company. This gives our clients complete peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

A Very Satisfied Client

We have enjoyed a very close working relationship with the National Grid over the years and they have been extremely satisfied with the standard of our work. Indeed, building a strong connection with our clients is something that EGL Vaughan is dedicated to providing at all times.

The project has been extended several times, which we believe is testament to the quality of work we produce. We have also been trusted with several other projects, including producing male and female contacts, clamping plates and backstops.

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